Eucharist to the Homebound

    Eucharistic Ministers trained in the ministry bring Holy Communion to:

  • Patients in Alta Bates, Kaiser and Summit hospitals; [Note: It is required by law that patients let the admitting clerk
    know that they wish to have a visit from their parish in order for us to visit them].
  • Residents of Group Homes: Assisted Living, Board and Care, and Skilled Nursing/Convalescent Facilities.
  • Parishioners confined to their own homes.


    This sacrament of initiation is offered to interested teens in the 10th grade who have completed all prerequisites
    before September of their Confirmation year.
    Youth:     Contact Faith Formation Director (510) 547-2777, ext. 39  Email
    Adults:    Contact RCIA Director (510) 547-2777, ext. 26  Email


    Both face-to-face or anonymous (behind the screen) confessions are held on
    Saturday: 4:00-4:30 p.m. or by appointment.

    Adult communal penance services are celebrated during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

Anointing of the Sick

    This sacrament is intended for the strengthening and healing of those who are ill, elderly or about to undergo an
    operation. It is a normal part of Catholic life not just for the dying, but for anyone who is seriously ill. It may be
    received when a person is at home or in the hospital.
    Contact the Parish    (510) 547-2777, ext. 20  Email


    By diocesan regulation, arrangements for weddings must be made at least six months in advance of the date of the
    marriage. This amount of time is required to reserve the Church, plan the ceremony, and attend an approved
    Weekend for the Engaged program.
    Contact the Parish    (510) 547-2777, ext. 20  Email


The family of the deceased should notify one of our parish priests as soon as possible and set up an appointment to see
him before making arrangements or schedules with a mortuary. The normal Christian Burial consists of a Vigil Service, Holy
Mass and interment at a Catholic cemetery or cremation.

    In addition, our Liturgy and Music Directors will assist family members in planning the funeral liturgies, including
    selection of the readings and music.

    Contact the Parish (510) 547-2777, ext. 20  Email

Mass Intentions

    Masses for the deceased and for other special intentions can be scheduled at the Rectory. See the Parish Secretary
    for available dates. The usual offering for this is $10.00.

    Mass Intentions are published weekly in the bulletin.
    Contact Rectory to schedule: 547-2777, ext. 20  Email
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Arrangements should be made well in advance, so that parents will have adequate time to prepare for the celebration of
Baptism. This preparation includes an interview with a priest, followed by a pre-Baptism class.

    Infant:      Contact the Parish (510) 547-2777, ext. 20  Email

    Adults:     Contact RCIA Director (510) 547-2777, ext. 26  Email
First Eucharist

    See the Children or Adult page for more information.

    Children:   Contact Faith Formation Director (510) 547-2777, ext. 24  Email

    Adults:     Contact RCIA Director (510) 547-2777, ext. 26  Email