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St. Theresa
Parish Calendar
There’s always something happening at St. Theresa’s.
Come join us and meet new friends.
St. Theresa Campus Map
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Blessing of Children Preparing for 1st Eucharist
    February 23  ~  9:00 am Mass
School Winter Concert
    February 20 (Thursday)  ~ 6:30 pm in the church
    February 25 (Tuesday)
    6:30 pm Meeting Rooms
Ash Wednesday Services - February 26
    8:30 am Mass
    10:00 am School Mass
    11:30 am School Prayer Service
    7:30 pm Mass

    Ashes will be distributed at all services. You
    are invited to attend any service.
First Eucharist Retreat
    March 8 (Saturday), 9:00 am, Church & Hall
8th Grade Pasta Dinner
    March 15 (Sunday), 5:30 pm, Event Center