How Do I ......?

How Do I Get Services from the Parish?

Many of the Registration Forms required or mentioned below are available on the website.

This is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions.

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Can't find your question? Call the Parish Office at  510-547-2777, ext. 20

How Do I......?

Have an infant Baptized?
Call Parish Office at 510-547-2777, ext. 20  Email

Register my Pre-school or Kindergarten child for Kinderchurch? Email

Register my 1st through 8th grader for Faith Formation Classes?  Email

Register my 6 -8 grader for Faith Formation Classes: Email

Join the youth group or youth ministry?  Email

Enroll my 1st – 8th grader in preparation for Baptism, Reconciliation, 1st Eucharist?  Email

Enroll my high school teen in preparation for Baptism, Confirmation, 1st Eucharist?  Email

Call Faith Formation office at 510-547-2777, ext. 24  Email

How Do I......?

Discuss my possible return to Catholicism? (Returning Catholics)
Call Sharon Chipman at 510-547-2777, ext. 39  Email

Explore possibly becoming a Catholic? (RCIA)
Call Cathy Brady at 510-547-2777, ext. 26  Email

As an Adult, receive First Eucharist/Reconciliation and/or Confirmation?
Call Cathy Brady at 510-547-2777, ext. 26  Email

Register as a New Parish member?
Complete a parish registration form available in online or at parish office. Return completed form by placing in
the mail, deliver to the parish office or complete the form online and click on the Send button.

Register to get church weekly donation envelopes?
Request at time of registration or call parish office 510-547-2777, ext. 20. Envelopes will be automatically
mailed to you on a monthly basis.

Sign-up for Online Sunday Offering?
Click on the link to go to the Online Giving information page.
Online Giving

Have a Mass said for someone?
Come to the parish office and speak to the secretary.

Arrange for a special Mass Celebration i.e., Silver or Golden Wedding Anniversary?
Call parish office at 510-547-2777, ext. 20.

Arrange music for a Wedding, Funeral, Special Mass?
After setting date for the service through Fr. McCann or Fr. Herrera, speak with the Parish Music Ministry
Director, Conway Tan, 510-547-2777, ext. 11.  

Arrange for a Wedding?
Call the parish office at 510-547-2777, ext. 20, at least 6 month in advance. Speak with Fr. McCann or Fr.
Herrera. Parish affiliation is required.

Arrange for Anointing of the Sick?
Call the parish office anytime at 510-547-2777, ext. 20.

Have Communion brought to a shut in?
Call the parish office anytime at 510-547-2777, ext. 20.

Arrange for a Funeral?
Call the parish office anytime at 510-547-2777, ext. 20.

Discuss the Marriage Annulment process?
Call Fr. McCann at 510-547-2777, ext. 21 to arrange an appointment.

Obtain copies of Sacramental Certificates: Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage?
Requests should be made in person or by the church or school who needs the certificate.
Call parish office at 510-547-2777, ext. 20 and speak to the secretary.
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