Kinderchurch is a cooperative and functions on the volunteerism of our parishioners to teach the lesson plans to
    our 3 year old to kindergarten aged children. Most of the lead and assistant teachers and coordinators are
    parents of children enrolled in the program. We are also blessed to have 6th, 7th, and 8th graders consistently
    volunteering in our classrooms. As participants in the program, the cost is $25 for one child or $40 for two
    children. Advance registration is appreciated.

    There are many ways for you to be involved and enjoy the Kinderchurch experience with your children. We have
    outlined a few below and will contact you throughout the year via e-mail as other communication is needed.

    Head Teacher- This requires a commitment approximately every 4-6 weeks. You are responsible for planning that
    week's lesson. Lesson plans, crafts and ideas are always provided, but often teachers will plan circle time activities
    and bring additional items, activities or stories with them to augment the lesson. The preparation is typically about
    one hour during the week you are teaching in addition to leading the class that Sunday.

    Assistant Teacher- This requires commitment approximately every 4-6 weeks. The assistant teacher follows the
    head teacher's lesson plan. They are there to contribute to the lesson and generally help with organizing the
    classroom and activities during the Sunday lesson. The time commitment typically involves attending the Sunday
    class (arriving approximately 8:45 and breaking down after all of the children are picked up).

    Gatekeeper Volunteers – Two Parents Each Week

    As part of your child’s participation in Kinderchurch, we ask that you please sign up to be a gatekeeper for two
    weeks of the year. You may sign-up at the registration desk during the first few weeks of class.

    * Arrive 10 minutes before 9AM and help children get checked in and sent to the classroom.
    * Assist teachers in the classroom if needed (including keeping an eye on the kids during bathroom visits, etc).
    * Assist with checkout by bringing kids to the waiting parents and making sure they have their crafts/coloring sheets.
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Kinderchurch Registration Fees

One Child           $30.00

Two Children        $50.00
If you have any questions or feedback about the program, please feel free to contact us throughout the year:

Contact: Program Coordinators:          30 Mandalay Road  ---  Oakland, CA 94618  ---  Ph. (510) 547-2777  ---  F. (510) 653-3575          Site Map
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