Welcome to St. Theresa Teen Confirmation. We are excited to journey with you as you seek to deepen your
    commitment to God and the community of the Church.

    The goal of Teen Confirmation is to provide a well-balanced program, which enables full participation and a
    sense of belonging in our parish community. We are dedicated to preparing candidates to form strong and lasting
    habits of a Christian life, while empowering teens to embrace their Catholic community.

    We believe the relationship teens are developing with God and their faith community takes time and is a serious
    commitment. As a result our confirmation program is a two-year process. If you are uncertain about making this
    commitment, please know the orientation will help you discern whether this is the appropriate time to enter the

    The attached pages include the calendar, program requirements and fees.

    Thank you for giving the St. Theresa community the opportunity to participate in your preparation for the
    Sacrament of Confirmation. We are happy to assist you in seeing and understanding how God works in your
    daily life. You are a gift to our community and we treasure your presence among us.

    God bless you,
    Keri Nims
    Faith Formation Director
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