Men's Club

    “God calls us to grow spiritually, to celebrate meaningfully, and to love and to serve others as
    Jesus taught us.”

    In this spirit, the St. Theresa Men’s Club was formed to serve our parish community and to
    strengthen our spiritual well-being. We accomplish this through our leadership and participation
    in many of our parish activities, such as pancake breakfasts, A’s games, Woodminster
    performances, golf tournaments and the annual Parish Picnic.

    In addition, our members, conduct a monthly Faith Sharing meeting of spiritual reflection and
    discussion for the men of our parish.

    We welcome all men in the parish to join the Men’s Club. There are many ways to share the
    gifts that we have been blessed with and each one us can contribute in different ways. We
    know that everyone has numerous commitments, so your participation may be as simple as
    financial support through the annual dues (only $30!), providing your time working at just one
    Men’s Club-sponsored function during the year, attending the monthly committee meetings to
    help plan future events or strengthening your spiritual well-being at the Faith Sharing meeting.
    Some members do all of these and some only one or two; it’s really up to you to decide.
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