W I N G S - Women in God's Spirit

    WINGS is a faith enhancement group that encourages
    spiritual growth through prayer. Scripture study,
    catechesis, life sharing, and community. Women of all
    stages of life come together weekly to grow in their
    relationship with God and each other, to learn to
    recognize their own spiritual gifts. Affirmed and
    strengthened by the support of their Christian sisters
    and the Holy Spirit, the women of WINGS can better
    share God's love in the wider community of family,
    parish, neighborhood, and the world. Rather than being
    a service-oriented organizations, the focus of WINGS is
    Jesus, conversion, and building up the body of Christ by
    meeting women's spiritual needs along their journey.
    Please join us on Wednesdays 9:15 A.M. till 11:15 A.M.
    from October through May.
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