The Liturgical ministries provide opportunities to participate more fully in
    the celebration of the mass, which is central to our Catholic faith and
    spiritual lives. All parishioners are encouraged to consider one of the many
    liturgical ministries. Every weekend over 50 people are required to fill all
    the ministries needed by our liturgies. Ordinary parishioners do these
    ministries – one need not be perfect. God does not call the ones who are
    fit, but fits the ones who are called. Say yes, and experience the grace of
    God's work within you.
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Safe Environment for Children Project      

The Oakland Diocesan Safe Environment for Children Project has been
developed in cooperation with the Oakland Diocesan Presbyteral Council
in compliance with the adoption of the Charter for the Protection of
Children and Young people developed at the US Conference of Catholic
Bishops, June 2002.

All parish volunteers, 18 years and older must complete the online training
module at where you will fulfill the training
requirement of the Safe Environment Project as well as reading and
signifying agreement with the Diocesan Policy of Expectation for Ministry to

The certificate of completion must be turned in with your application.
Liturgical Ministries
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Liturgical Ministers Schedule:
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ministry schedule, update the dates you are not available and view rosters
for Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altars Servers and Ushers.
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Safe Environment and Victims Assistance for the Oakland Diocese
Safe Environment and Victims Assistance for the Diocese of Oakland