Liturgy Committee

    The Liturgy Committee helps support the Pastor, Liturgy Director and Music Director in planning
    and evaluating Liturgies at St. Theresa’s. The Committee places special emphasis on the
    Seasonal Liturgies of the Church, including Advent, Lent and Ordinary Time as well as the
    wonderful celebrations for Christmas and Holy Week Liturgies. In planning these Liturgies, the
    Committee is often used as a sounding board for ideas involving the Church environment,
    themes we want to emphasize, and special speakers or activities to enhance the Liturgical

    The Committee also focuses its attention on training of our Liturgical Ministers, ensuring that the
    Liturgy is presented well and in keeping with Church requirements.

    In our desire to continually improve our Liturgies we evaluate how well our Liturgies are
    presented. Tools for evaluation such as feedback questionnaires, individual assessment and
    critiques are being explored.

    Committee members meet once a month on the third Tuesday of the month in the Library from
    August to June. Sub-committees involving other volunteers (ministers) are utilized to help with
    the planning and carrying out of the larger seasonal celebrations.

    If you are interested in being closely involved with our Liturgies and want to see them be
    welcoming, vibrant, alive and spiritual then this is a ministry you should consider.
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