Christmas Schedule

Walk-Up Holy Communion

Communion will be distributed in the church vestibule following the live-stream Mass. We ask that live up using the social distancing markers on the steps and blacktop. You will be ushered one person at a time into the vestibule for communion. Volunteers will be there to assist you.

Masks MUST be worn at all times. Please us a hand sanitizer before receiving communion. If you are wearing cloves, you must remove them before receiving Eucharist. It is preferred that you receive the Host in you hands for the time being. Once the host has been placed in your hand, step to the side pull your mask down, consume the host and reposition your mask.

After receiving Holy Communion, there will be a table where you may pick up a bulletin and a basket for your Christmas offering, and then plase return to your car and depart. The church will not be open for individual prayer during this time.


Christmas Nativity by St. Theresa 7th graders

Zoom Nativity 2020

Christmas Music by St. Theresa Choir Members

St Theresa ~ Christmas Blessings

Staff Contact Information

The parish staff are working from home and can be reached by email and phone (call the parish phone number, enter their extensions and the call will go to either their office phone extension or will be forwarded to their cell).

Parish Staff:  510-547-2777

Rev. Robert J. McCann:  Pastor
ext. 121
Rev. Abraham Addam: In Residence
ext. 122
Rev. Ngema Wi Enow: In Residence
ext. 128
Cathy Brady:  Liturgy Director
ext. 126
Jenny Bruni:  High School Youth Ministry Coordinator
ext. 123
Rob Cakebread:  Music Ministry Director
ext. 127
Joyce Holden:  Middle School Youth Ministry
Melody Marr:  Parish Administrator
ext. 120
Katie Murphy:  St. Theresa School Interim Principal
Keri Nims:  Coordinator for Early Childhood Catechesis and RCIC
ext. 124

Christmas and New Year's Mass Videos

2020-12-24 - Christmas Eve Mass

2020-12-25 Christmas Day Mass

2020-01-01 - Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God