Volunteer to Help at our Public Masses

Your unique volunteer assistance is critically needed to prepare the church, manage services and clean before and after every service. All volunteers will need to be trained on the new procedures we will need to follow. Further information on training will be sent by email.
We need to build three teams:
Church Team:
  • Politely enforcing health regulations / social distancing (making sure attendees are wearing a mask, and are reminded not to enter if ill)
  • Taking temperatures
  • Limiting the total number of people who enter the building
  • Make sure all volunteers sign in as they enter
  • Turn in volunteer list at the end of Mass.
  • Starts at least 30 minutes before Mass time. Ends when all parishioners have left the church and the check-in station has been removed.
  • Guiding people to sit in pews according to social distancing standards
  • Directing people’s movement throughout the church
  • Direct people to communion stations and maintain social distancing
  • Following Mass make sure all collections are put in appropriately marked security bags. Gloves must be worn and hands washed after touching these items.
  • Starts at least 30 minutes before Mass time. Ends when all parishioners have left the church.
  • Ensure that all supplies needed for each sacramental celebration/gathering are ready for use (collection baskets and bulletins at all exits, set-up check-in station)
  • Making sure all doors and windows are open before the service
  • Starts at least 30 minutes before Mass time. Ends when all items have been put away following Mass.
  • Assist check-in person if needed.
  • Set up and take down signage at both ends of the handicap walkway.
Cleaning Team:
  • All cleaning team members must wear masks and gloves
  • Pick up in the church of anything left behind. No prayer books, missalettes or anything can be left on a pew, book pocket, or counter.
  • Disinfecting the pews and building after Mass
  • Starts at least 15 minutes before Mass ends. Ends when all cleaning and disinfecting has been completed.
Walk-Up Holy Communion Team:
  • Arrive at 9:30 am.
  • Set-up communion tablein vestibule.
  • Put out bulletins and collection baskets in vestibule.
  • Direct people in line, as the enter the church and exit.


For each service we must have a minimum of number volunteers to be sure all the health and safety requirements are in place before, during and after the service. Having enough volunteers is the only way we will be able to get back to some kind of regular schedule.


Cathy Brady will coordinate all volunteers. This will allow everyone to go to the same person, no matter what you might be volunteering for, and Cathy will be sure your information goes to the right places and that you receive information on the training that is required.
If you think you can help in any of these ways, please fill out the volunteer form.

Reopening Volunteer Form