Parish Lenten Retreat

The 99The 99

“God calls us to be fishers of men,

not keepers of the aquarium.”


When: Thursday, March 9*, 16, 23

Time: 7:00 pm

Where:  Church

* Due to the rain we have moved the first session to Sunday, March 12 at 10:30 am.
After Mass we will have a bake sale with goodies and coffee to get you through the morning. Be sure to bring cash or check.


We would like to invite everyone to The 99 Experience, a powerful mission event that will be a springboard for our entire parish to deepen our faith as we grow in identity, purpose, and community. The 99 Experience is for everyone, even those who are currently not active in their faith and would need to you to invite them. Prayerfully consider who you know who would benefit from attending The 99 Experience and invite them!

Session 1:  Everyone has experienced being "lost" at some point in their lives. Just as we can be lost physically, we can be lost emotionally or spiritually as well.


Session 2:  We will see how God reaches out to heal us and rescue us through Jesus. Different people have had different ideas of who Jesus was throughout history. We also may have our own ideas of who Jesus is.

We will examine who Jesus is and the way that God the Father saves us through his Son, Jesus.

We will end the session with a Reconciliation Service.


Session 3:  Conversion is not a single, "one-and-done" moment; following Jesus is a choice we need to make every day, at every moment of the day. Our relationship with Jesus grows and changes as we grow and change.

Our walk with Jesus is a story, and each of our stories is unique. Our stories reveal God's continued action in our lives and the way that God desires to save every one of us.

We will end the evening with a closing Mass.