When a loved one dies, the Church gathers with family and friends to give thanks for the life of the deceased and commend them to the mercy of God.
Together we place our hope in the God who promises eternal life.


Funeral Mass Guidelines during Covid-19


Guidelines for Funerals during "shelter in place".

St. Theresa parish will work to provide pastoral ministry to families, while also cooperating with public health officials to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Priests will continue to provide the Rite of Committal of the body at the cemetery, with no more than 10 individuals present. All CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene will be observed.

A proper Funeral Mass may be celebrated at a later date at the parish, after public health officials have lifted restrictions on public gatherings.


When your loved one dies:
Please call the parish office 510-547-2777, ext. 120 to arrange for a staff member to meet with you and help you in planning the details of the funeral.

The Vigil service takes place on the evening before the funeral liturgy and is held at the funeral home during the time of visitation (viewing of the body).  The service usually includes Scripture readings, a reflection and prayers.  The best time for family and friends to share memories of the deceased is at the Vigil.

Funeral Liturgy 
The Church encourages that the body of the deceased be present for the funeral rites. However cremation is a fairly recent development and is permitted.  Another option would be to have the body present for the funeral liturgy and the cremation following the funeral.

The Funeral Liturgy is a Mass with the presence of the body or cremains.

With a staff member the family chooses the scriptures, songs and prayers for the liturgy that it may be meaningful for all present.

Rite of Committal (Burial or Interment)
The Rite of Committal is celebrated beside the open grave or place of interment. The body or cremains are placed in its final resting place.  This usually takes place immediately following the funeral liturgy or soon after.


Our Consolation Ministry is available to assist with receptions held at St. Theresa.

All doors and windows in the church will be open for ventelation. Please dress accordingly.

Upcoming Funerals

Aine Monica Tierney Dalton

Funeral Liturgy

July 10, 2021


11:00 am


Staff Contact Information

Parish Staff:  510-547-2777

Rev. Robert J. McCann:  Pastor
ext. 121
Rev. Abraham Addam: In Residence
ext. 122
Rev. Ngema Wi Enow: In Residence
ext. 128
Cathy Brady:  Liturgy Director
ext. 126
Jenny Bruni:  High School Youth Ministry Coordinator
ext. 123
Rob Cakebread:  Music Ministry Director
ext. 127
Melody Marr:  Parish Administrator
ext. 120
Keri Nims:  Coordinator for Early Childhood Catechesis and RCIC
ext. 124
Alicia Ortegon:  St. Theresa School Principal

Funeral Mass for Judith KoneffKlatt on June 10, 2020

Henry Gilbert Internment Service - 09-10-2020