Helping Hands

Please let us know if you need any assistance with grocery shopping, prescription pick-up or ther small errands. We have volunteers ready to assist.
If you would like some assistance, or would be willing to help those who need assistance, please complete the form below. All information is confidential.

Helping Hands

Staff Contact Information

Parish Staff:  510-547-2777

Parish Office: ext. 120

Rev. Robert J. McCann:  Pastor
ext. 121
Rev. Abraham Addam: In Residence
ext. 122
Rev. Ngema W. Enow: In Residence
ext. 128
Cathy Brady:  Liturgy Director
ext. 126
Rob Cakebread:  Music Ministry Director
        [email protected]
ext. 127

Keri Nims:  Coordinator for Early Childhood Catechesis and RCIC

Alicia Ortegon:  St. Theresa School Principal