St. Theresa Men's Club


“For many are called, but few are chosen.” 

                               Matthew 22:14


The St. Theresa Men’s Club is a group of men committed to serving the needs of our parish and parish school through service, spirituality, and fellowship. All men of the parish and school are members by virtue of their membership in our parish and school community. We welcome and encourage all men to take an active role in the Men’s Club as we attempt to strengthen Christ’s Church and live the Gospel message in our community.

The St. Theresa Men’s Club was formed to serve the needs of our pastor and community. There are 3 pillars to the Men’s Club Mission: Service, Spirituality, and Fellowship (Social). We accomplish this mission in a variety of ways throughout the year as we participate in the following events:

February:      Ravioli Dinner Bar
Spring:          Social Event, Golf tournament
May:             Man of the Year Rosary Celebration
May:             A’s Game
Summer:      Woodminster Theatre
September:  Men’s Club Spiritual Talk
October:      Men’s Club Social
Fall Festival: Beverage Tent
December:   Pancake Breakfast

Our spiritual mission is to grow in our Catholic Faith as we attempt to conform ourselves more perfectly to our Lord. We accomplish this in multiple ways:

1. Encouraging weekly Mass attendance
2. Monthly Men’s Faith Sharing: contact Jim Frei at [email protected].
3. Men’s Choir at Saturday Evening Mass: contact Luigi Bonacini at [email protected]
4. Family Rosary Prayer and fellowship: contact Patrick McGahan at [email protected]
5. Small Group Faith Sharing: contact Patrick McGahan @ [email protected]

We welcome all men of the parish and school to actively participate in the St. Theresa Men’s Club. If you are not already on our email list, please email Mr. Men’s Club President at [email protected] in order to be placed on our mailing list to receive weekly emails regarding our monthly meeting and various activities. Our schedule can be found on the Google calendar below and we generally hold a monthly meeting the 2nd Sunday of the Month at 8:30 am. All men of the parish are welcome to attend the meeting as well as any men’s club activity.

The yearly dues are $20 and can be paid by 2 methods:
1. by check payable to: St. Theresa Men’s Club
2. by paypal or venmo to [email protected]

Men’s Club Prayer​:

Heavenly Father, we have come together before your altar as the Men’s Club of St. Theresa’s Church.  We offer our sincere thanks to you for the many blessings you have given us and our families throughout our lives.  We ask you to keep each one of us in your loving care and to strengthen our faith in you as we go about our daily affairs.  As we follow your example, Dear Lord, guide us in the love of our neighbor, in the promotion of peace and good will among all we meet, and in serving the needs of our pastor. Amen

Past “Man of the Year” Award Recipients:
2005 Rob Brunel
2006 Bill Curotto
2007 Chris Good
2008 Tim Murphy
2009 Jim Frei
2010 Chris Bruni
2011 Dave McGrew
2012 Steve Guthrie
2013 Terry Kvochak
2014 Joe Kretlow
2015 Allen Shahdadi
2016 Fr. Tony Herrera
2017 Patrick McGahan
2018 Patrick Ramsey
Past Men’s Club Presidents
2018: Patrick Ramsey
2019: Patrick McGahan

Men's Club Calendar

Contact Information

St. Theresa Men's Club President

[email protected]

Safe Environment Training

All parish volunteers, 18 years and older must complete the online training where you will fulfill the training requirement of the Safe Environment Project.

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