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Parish Guidelines

March 18, 2020
Dear Friends,
As we have previously communicated, dealing with such a deadly virus in our midst is unlike any other time we have experienced as a Church these days.  The guidelines from the diocese keep changing, but some practices and precautions are emerging from the CDC, the diocese and other church communities.  I would like to remind everyone that we must follow these practices as best we can without exceptions.  You may think you will not get sick or if you do, will not need that ICU bed, but others that you come into contact with and inadvertently infect may develop a more critical need.  Therefore, we have to cooperate for the common good of all.
    Therefore at St. Theresa’s:
  • All meetings and gatherings are cancelled until further notice (this includes spontaneous meetings for prayer where there are several vulnerable adults present.)
  • Public Masses are suspended for at least three weeks.  (Some private Masses will be celebrated without any congregation and intentions that were scheduled may be remembered during those private Masses.) Mass intentions that are not remembered on the assigned day will be reassigned to a future date when the health crisis is over and the person who requested the Mass will be notified.
  • If you are sick, or if someone in your home is sick: Stay at home.
  • In most dioceses, scheduled baptisms are cancelled.  Weddings may take place but only with immediate family. (Ten seems to be the number most dioceses are limiting attendance for these services.) The bishop has asked us not to do any funeral vigils or Masses.  We may say prayers at the grave site with not more than ten people and celebrate a Memorial Mass when this crisis is over.
  • Hours the church will be open for individual prayer: Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm, Sunday: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm.  If you come on to the parish premises, since janitorial staff has been told to stay at home, please sanitize the bathroom you use, the door handle you use to enter a room or building, and the pew you sat in as you depart. Please bring you own supplies as our supplies are getting depleted.
  • Hospitals and nursing homes are barring even clergy from visiting unless it is a matter of someone very close to death.  Clergy will respond to this circumstance but will postpone all other visits. Lay ministers are not to visit until further notice.
I ask you in the name of caring for one another to abide by these church and government rules.  Please do not exempt yourself from any of the above. 
A good quote that might change our reaction to this crisis: “We should not act as if we are trying not to get sick if we are out and about.  Rather we need to act as if we are sick and are trying to prevent others from getting sick from us.”
Look for two articles on our webpage, one a reflection from Italy bemoaning that many more have died because they did not follow the guidance, we now know works.  Another article is from Fr. James Martin with help for our practice of our faith during a crisis.
Please keep in touch often with family, friends and neighbors by phone, text or email. 
Please contact me or any of the parish staff if you have any questions or concerns about the above posting. The parish staff and I are staying and working from home as we all have been directed. We are all available by email and phone.
You are all in my daily prayers,  Fr. Bob McCann
March 16, 2020
All public Masses are suspended in the Oakland Diocese. See link below for listing of Televised Masses.

Parish Updates

  1. All Public Masses have been suspended effective, Tuesday, March 17th.
  2. St. Theresa School and all schools in the Diocese of Oakland are on a long-term dismissal until further notice.
  3. All Event and Meetings at the parish have been cancelled until further notice.

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Bishop Barber's statement on the Reopening of Religious Service

May 28, 2020

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A Message from Bishop Barber

A Message from Bishop Michael Barber

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The parish staff are working from home and can be reached by email and phone (call the parish phone number, enter their extensions and the call will go to either their office phone extension or will be forwarded to their cell).

Parish Staff:  510-547-2777

Rev. Robert J. McCann:  Pastor
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