Walk-Up Holy Communion

Communion 1

Walk-Up Holy Communion

Sunday's following the 10:00 am live-stream Mass

The communion station is located at the tent on the side of the church. We ask that you line up using the social distancing markers in the yellow cross walk. Family units may remain together. Volunteers will assist and direct you to the communion stations and then direct you to your car.

Masks MUST be worn at all times. Please use a hand sanitizer before receiving communion. Family groups who live together and arrive in the same car are welcome to receive together. If you are wearing gloves, you must remove them before receiving Eucharist. It is preferred that you receive the Host in your hands for the time being.

Please keep your face mask on until after the priest has placed the Host in your hand. To receive the Host, place one hand under the other while keeping fingers together. The priest will gently place the Host in your hands without making contact. After receiving the Host, step to one side, lift your mask, consume the Host, and then put your mask back on immediately after.

After receiving Holy Communion, please return to your car and depart. The church will not be open for individual prayer during this time. Although it will be wonderful to see your neighbors, for the safety of all we ask that you not congregate with others. Please  drive carefully and watch closely for your fellow parishioners who may be on foot in the parking lot.